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Cristian A. Herrera | Banco Mundial


Cristian A. Herrera es Especialista Senior en Salud en la Región de América Latina y el Caribe de la Práctica Global de Salud, Nutrición y Población del Banco Mundial, y mantiene un nombramiento como Investigador Adjunto en el Departamento de Salud Pública de la P. Universidad Católica de Chile. Previamente ha sido médico de atención primaria en Santiago de Chile, alto funcionario en el Ministerio de Salud de Chile y analista de políticas de salud en la OCDE. Cristian es médico de la P. Universidad Católica de Chile, tiene un MBA de la Universidad de Chile, un MSc en Políticas Públicas de la London School of Economics and Political Science, y es candidato a PhD de la Universidad de Amsterdam.

Cristian A. Herrera | Banco Mundial


Cristian A. Herrera is a Senior Specialist working at the World Bank's Global Health, Nutrition and Population Practice in Latin America and the Caribbean. He is an Adjunct Researcher at the Department of Public Health at the Catholic University of Chile. Previously, he was a primary care physician in Santiago, Chile, a senior official at the Chilean Ministry of Health and a health policy analyst at the OECD. Cristian holds a PhD from the Catholic University of Chile, an MBA from the University of Chile, a Master's in Public Policy from the London School of Economics and Political Science and is a PhD student from the University of Amsterdam.

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Siziwe Ngcwabe | Africa Evidence Network

Siziwe Ngcwabe is currently Senior Manager of Operations & Co-chair at the Africa Centre for Evidence-based politics at the University of Johannesburg. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work with honors from Walter Sisulu University (UNITRA), a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management (PGDBM) from MANCOSA, a Master’s degree in Public Management-MPM, Masters of Business Administration-MBA from Regenesys Business School.

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Cristián Mansilla | McMaster University

Cristián is currently a PhD student in the Health Policy program at McMaster University, a research assistant at the McMaster Health Forum, and Senior Research Manager at Evidence Aid. He dedicated an important part of his professional career to support health policy making processes, using the best available research evidence. Through his work in this field, he contributed to the development and implementation of several policies at the Ministry of Health in Chile. He also founded and led the Evidence-Informed Policy Making Unit at the Ministry of Health in that country. He has also contributed to closing the gap between evidence production and uses by collaborating on important international projects and initiatives, such as EVIPNet and COVID-END.

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Natália Massaco Koga  | Instituto de Pesquisa  Econômica Aplicada


PhD in Political Science from the University of Westminster/United Kingdom, Master in Public Administration and Government from FGV-EAESP and Graduated in Law from the Faculty of Law of the University of São Paulo. Member of the career of Specialist in Public Policies and Government Management at the Ministry of Economy. She is currently a researcher at the Institute of Applied Economic Research (Ipea) and professor of the Professional Master's in Governance and Development at the National School of Public Administration (Enap) in the areas of public policy and use of evidence, state capabilities and democracy. She had professional experience as a federal manager at the Ministry of Social Development (MDS), Ministry of Planning and Budget and Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME).            

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Roberta Borges Silva | Ministério da Saúde do Brasil


Roberta Silva works as a researcher with a focus on evidence-informed health, especially in the area of ​​public health policy formulation. She has more than five years of experience in the development of secondary studies, mainly systematic reviews with and without meta-analyses and rapid reviews to support decision-making in public health. For three years, She has worked as leader of the Evidence Center of the Department of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Health, managing demands for rapid responses from technical areas and collaborating on strategic actions for evidence-informed policies.

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Donald Simeon | University of the West Indies

Director of the Caribbean Centre for Health Systems Research and Development and Professor of Biostatistics and Public Health Research at the Faculty of Medical Sciences from The University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago. He is a Chartered Statistician and Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society, UK as well as a Registered Public Health Nutritionist and a member of the Global Steering Group of the WHO Evidence-informed Policy Network (EVIPNet). He has published over 75 scientific papers in peer-reviewed international journals with over 4000 citations, in addition to chapters in books/encyclopedia.

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Evelina Chapman |  Investigadora invitada: Fundação Oswaldo Cruz, Diretoria de Brasília 


Evelina Chapman is a pediatrician, Master in Clinical Epidemiology, PhD in Public Health and Research Methodology. She was the director of health programs and deputy minister of health for the province of Buenos Aires from 2016-2017. She has more than 20 years of experience in the clinical area and in capacity development, mainly in research, epidemiology and, in the last 15 years, in knowledge translation processes for decision-making in the clinical, management and health policy areas. For more than 10 years, she has worked at WHO in the Offices for the Americas and Europe and continues as a consultant supporting PAHO in the area of ​​Emergencies. She has numerous technical and scientific publications.    

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Joao Paulo Souza - Verônica Abdala.gif

João Paulo Souza | BIREME/OPAS/OMS                           


Medical-social scientist interested in the intersection between Social Epidemiology, Maternal Health and the Translation of Scientific Knowledge in Health Policies and Practices. He carried out postgraduate studies aimed at developing the concept of maternal near-miss. He was an intensive care physician and medical coordinator of the Adult Intensive Care Unit of the Center for Integral Attention to Women's Health (UNICAMP). Since 2007, he has worked as a consultant to the WHO developing studies and guidelines for the reduction of maternal mortality. Associate professor at USP in 2014 and, in 2016, full professor at the Department of Social Medicine at FMRP-USP. As of October 2022, he is the director of the Latin American and Caribbean Center on Health Sciences Information, BIREME/PAHO/WHO.                 


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Carlos Abeledo | International Network o Governmental,Science Advice                            

Carlos Abeledo holds a degree in Chemistry from the University of Buenos Aires and a PhD in Physical Chemistry from Northwestern University. He is currently the Coordinator of the Latin American Chapter of the International Network for Government Science Advice (INGSA) and Professor of Science Policy in the Masters in Science and Technology Policy and Management - University of Buenos Aires. Between 2008 and 2016 he was the director of the Master in Science and Technology Policy and Management - University of Buenos Aires. From 1991 to 1997, he was a Science and Technology Specialist at the Inter-American Development Bank. Between 1984 and 1989 he was the president of CONICET, Argentina, and was a professor and researcher at the Universities of Buenos Aires, Universidad Brandeis and Universidad de Chile. He was a visiting researcher at the National Magnet Laboratory-Massachusetts Institute of Technology and at Bell Telephone Laboratories.

Carlos Abeledo - Carlos Abeledo.jpg
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Verónica Osorio | UCL           


Economista especializada em saúde pública e políticas sociais com experiência internacional na América Latina e Caribe e região africana. Trabalhou como economista da saúde em diferentes instituições internacionais e desenvolveu pesquisas para políticas informadas por evidências para o governo da Bolívia e outras instituições e governos durante a pandemia. Atualmente é doutoranda na UCL, onde analisa as plataformas de tradução de conhecimento para políticas sociais na América Latina e colabora com o desenvolvimento do LATAM Hub. É uma das Vozes Emergentes para a Saúde Global 2018.

foto_voc - Veronica Osorio Calderon.jpg
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Ulysses Panisset | Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais 

Professor of Collective Health, Faculty of Medicine from UFMG. Doctor with a PhD in International Relations (SAIS, Johns Hopkins University) and a PhD in Political Science (UFMG). He has worked at WHO (1987-2015) in research cooperation and implementation. He was the Coordinator of Research and Knowledge Translation at WHO and the Global Secretariat of EVIPNet. Member of the EVIPNet-OMS communication task force. He integrates his practice (1970-1980) at all levels of his work in the democratic struggle and as a doctor in Primary Health Care in communities of high social vulnerability.


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IMG_20200512_202953 - Maíra Moreira_edited.jpg

Maíra dos Santos Moreira | Open Society Foundations        

Maíra Moreira joined OSF in February 2021. Prior to that, she worked as a consultant at Oak Foundation and as policy analyst at the government of Minas Gerais, Brazil. In her previous experience, she worked with human rights, public security and sustainable development in various sectors of the government. She also has experience in advocacy before international human rights mechanisms, such as the United Nations Human Rights Council. Maíra has bachelor degrees in Social Sciences from the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), and Public Administration from the João Pinheiro Foundation and a master's degree in Political Science, also from UFMG, and Development Studies from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva

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Dante Castillo-Canales | SUMMA: Laboratorio de Investigación e Innovación en Educación para América Latina y el Caribe  


Dante Castillo-Canales is Director of Innovative Policies and Practices at SUMMA. He has worked on social research for the public and private sectors. He is a sociologist from the University of Chile and has a master's degree in Culture and Society from the London School of Economics and Political Science. PhD student in education at Universidad Diego Portales and Universidad Alberto Hurtado. Coordinated research projects at SUMMA on issues of teachers professional development, use of technologies for professional learning, mapping of successful experiences of educational innovation, evaluation of effective practices for improving learning and the use of scientific knowledge in educational policies and practices. 

Dante_Castillo_Foto - Dante Castillo.jpg
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Lara Simielli | d3e - Dados para um Debate Democrático em Educação

PhD and Master in Public Administration and Government from Fundação Getulio Vargas. She was a visiting researcher at the Faculty of Education at Stanford University in 2014. She is currently a professor in the Department of Public Management at Fundação Getulio Vargas (EAESP/FGV) and Director of Applied Knowledge at D3e (Data for a Democratic Debate in Education). She has worked for the government, third sector organizations and international organizations for over 15 years, focusing on the following topics: educational policy; Planning and management; and equity.    

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Daniel F. Patiño Lugo | Universidad de Antioquia/Unidad de evidencia y deliberación para la toma de decisiones (UNED)

Daniel F. Patiño-Lugo, is a professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Antioquia in Colombia. He is co-founder of the Evidence and Deliberation Unit for decision making: a research team that uses global and local evidence to inform Colombia's health policies. Previously, he was the director of the Medical Research Institute of the Faculty of Medicine. Daniel holds a PhD in Health Policy from McMaster University, Canada.


Daniel Patiño - Daniel Patiño_edited.jpg

Lucy Kuhn-Barrientos | Unidad de Políticas en Salud Informadas por Evidencia. Ministerio de Salud. Chile     

Lucy Kuhn-Barrientos is a Health Policy Analyst and Project Coordinator for the Evidence-Informed Health Policies Unit in the Ministry of Health of Chile and Team Lead in the Partnership for Evidence and Equity in Responsive Social Systems (PEERSS). Prior to these roles, Lucy was the Head of the Health Economics Department at the Ministry of Health. She has worked in the academia, in other public institutions in Chile and England, and has been a Consultant in international organizations as the Pan American Health Organization and the Inter-American Development Bank. Lucy holds an MSc in International Health Policies - Health Economics from the London School of Economics, an MSc in Public Policies from the University of Chile and a Diploma in Public Policy from the University of Chicago.

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fdm-if - Ivan D. Florez.png

Ivan Florez | Universidad de Antioquia


Pediatrician, with a Master in Clinical Epidemiology, and a Ph.D. in Health Research Methodology from McMaster University. Full Professor at the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Antioquia (Medellin, Colombia) and Assistant Professor (Part-Time) at McMaster University (Canada). Former Deputy Director of Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) for the Health Technology Assessment Agency of Colombia (IETS). Dr. Ivan Florez is the current Leader of the AGREE Collaboration, is Editorial Board member of the following journals: Systematic Reviews, PlosONE and the recently created: Cochrane Evidence Synthesis and Methods. He was the Co-chair of the Recommending Working group for the COVID-END initiative, and the Director of Cochrane Colombia. He is also member of the Cochrane's Conflicts of Interests panel. His research has focused on guidelines (development and implementation methods), Knowledge Synthesis (Systematic reviews, and Network Meta-analysis), Knowledge translation, and Pediatrics.

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Duber Ignacio Osorio Bustamante | Hub de Evidencias de Latinoamérica y del Caribe - Hub LAC

PhD and Master in Public Administration and Government from Fundação Dentist at the University of Antioquia (U de A), Master in Dental Sciences with emphasis in Legal Dentistry and Collective Health from the University of São Paulo (USP)-Brazil.  Keen to learning and teaching. Professor of health promotion and disease prevention and university academic practices at the U de A School of Dentistry and the Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia (UCC).  Convinced of the role of evidence to inform decisions in our region.  Senior Researcher-Coordinator of evidence hub for Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Jorge Barreto | Fundação Oswaldo Cruz, Fiocruz

Jorge Barreto, PhD, researcher at Fundação Oswaldo Cruz - Fiocruz, Brasília, Brazil. He coordinates and implements Health Systems Research and Knowledge Translation projects for Evidence Informed Policies and is a member of the EVIPNet Global Directing Group, associate editor of the EPOC/Cochrane group, and a member of the COVID-END network.


Jorge_Barreto_2020 - Jorge Barreto.jpg
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Enrique Mendizabal | On Think Tanks


Enrique é Diretor da OTT Consulting e da On Think Tanks. É membro da Royal Society of Arts. Até dezembro de 2010, trabalhou para o Overseas Development Institute (ODI), onde liderou o programa de Pesquisa e Política em Desenvolvimento. Na ODI, ele co-fundou a Outcome Mapping Learning Community. Enrique é co-fundador da Politics & Ideas, da Aliança Peruana para o Uso de Evidências e do Premio PODER al Think Tank Peruano del Año. Desde 2016, organiza anualmente uma Semana de Evidências na América Latina. Enrique trabalhou como conselheiro da Comissão Multipartidária para o Bicentenário da Independência do Peru no Congresso Nacional.

enrique mendizabal - Enrique Mendizabal.jpg
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